MIRA AI Platform

Boost your image analysis with the MIRA AI Platform

A web-based & collaborative AI-platform for intuitive, fast and reproducible biomedical image analysis.
To enpower pathology with state-of-the art artifical intelligence.
Build with simplicity in mind.

How it works

Whether large datasets or smaller projects – our platform is designed for fast and intuitive image analysis in four simple steps.
No programming or AI expertise is needed.

1. Upload your image data

Our platform is desgined to handle various image formats including whole slide images.

2. Define Region-of-Interests

Easily define specific regions you want to analyze or analyze whole tissue sections.

3. AI-Assisted analysis

Use our various AI-assistants to analyze your image data in a fast & reproducible manner.

4. Explore your results

Explore your quantitative analysis results and download them for further usage.

Manage your data

Upload and manage your giga-pixel whole slide image datasets. Collborate with your team members and analyze your data with ease.

Explore and annotate

Explore the details of your giga-pixel whole slide images (WSI), annotate region-of-interests for later analysis and share your annotations with your team.


Whether whole tissue sections or pre-defined region-of-interests, use the build-in AI-assistants to analyze your image data. Explore the analysis in the interactive results dashboard or download the results for further evaluation.


The MIRA AI Platform is a fully web-based & collaborative tool for intuitive, fast, unbiased and reproducible
AI-assisted biomedical image analysis. Build for everythone.


Our AI-assisted image analysis solutions allows to analyze up to 1500 objects (cells, nuclei, etc.) per minute.


The MIRA AI Platform is fully web-based. This means you can access the platform from everywhere & no installation is required.


Our platform is fully collaborative. Inspect, annotate and analyze your datasets together as a team.


We build our platform with simplicity in mind. To use our AI-based analysis assistants no programming or AI expertise is required.


We develop state-of-the art AI-based image analysis solutions for various applications with one goal - to make your life easier.


Data is sensitive, so we make sure to keep your data private and as secure as possible, so you can concentrate on your analysis.

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