AI-Assisted Image Analysis for Microscopy.

Analyze your images at unprecedended scales: fast, reliable & accurate.

What we do

We build AI solutions for
biomedicine and digital pathology

Our mission is to make complex image analysis in microscopy accessible to everyone. With that in mind, we develop state-of-art AI-solutions for fast, accurate and reproducible quantitative image analysis. While we focus on digital pathology and applications in biomedicine, our goal is to enable AI-assisted analysis for various microscopic branches and applications – ranging from biomedicine to materials science. 

At MIRA, we are conviced that our innovative technology will bring the power of Machine Intelligence into the world of microscopy.

A platform to make image analysis accessible to everyone

MIRA AI Platform

A web-based & collaborative platform for intuitive, fast and reproducible AI-assisted  biomedical image analysis. We build the MIRA AI platform with simplicity in mind. To use our AI-assistants no programming or AI expertise is needed.

State-of-the art image analysis

AI solutions

We develop state-of-the AI-based image analysis solution for various microscopic applications. Explore our ever growing number of AI solutions – for skeletal muscle tissue analysis and beyond.

Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E) stained skeletal muscle cross-section analysis. Quantify fiber features (area and diameter), connective tissue (area and diameter) and myonuclei (central vs. peripheral).

Myosin heavy chain (MHC) immunohistochemically stained skeletal muscle cross-section analysis. Quantify type I and type II fibers and their respecitve fiber diameter and area distributions.

Analyze immunofluorescence stained skeletal muscle tissue. Quantify fiber features (diameter, area and type), connective tissue (area and diameter) and myonuclei (central vs. peripheral).

How it works

Whether large datasets or smaller projects – our platform is designed for fast and intuitive image analysis in four simple steps.
No programming or AI expertise is needed.

1. Upload your image data

Our platform is desgined to handle various image formats including whole slide images.

2. Define Region-of-Interests

Easily define specific regions you want to analyze or analyze whole tissue sections.

3. AI-Assisted analysis

Use our various AI-assistants to analyze your image data in a fast & reproducible manner.

4. Explore your results

Explore your quantitative analysis results and download them for further usage.


The MIRA AI Platform is a fully web-based & collaborative tool for intuitive, fast, unbiased and reproducible
AI-assisted biomedical image analysis. Build for everythone.


Our AI-assisted image analysis solutions allows to analyze up to 1500 objects (cells, nuclei, etc.) per minute.


The MIRA AI Platform is fully web-based. This means you can access the platform from everywhere & no installation is required.


Our platform is fully collaborative. Inspect, annotate and analyze your datasets together as a team.


We build our platform with simplicity in mind. To use our AI-based analysis assistants no programming or AI expertise is required.


We develop state-of-the art AI-based image analysis solutions for various applications with one goal - to make your life easier.


Data is sensitive, so we make sure to keep your data private and as secure as possible, so you can concentrate on your analysis.


Meet The Team​

We are a young team dedicated to bring AI-based image analysis in biomedicine, pathology and microscopy. Our goal is to make AI-based image analysis accessible to everyone.

Lukas Mürdter

CEO & Founder

Leonid Mill

CTO & Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

At MIRA, we have developed and patented a technology that allows us to develop robust AI-based image analysis algorithms faster then ever before – within weeks instead of months or even years. With our innovation, we are convinced that we have found a reliable solution that has the potential to bring the power of AI into biomedicine, pathology and beyond.

To get access, please get in contact and request free access to the demo version of the MIRA AI Platform. 

We would love to hear more about your image analysis needs. Please get in contact to figure out how we can help to solve your problem.

That’s a tricky one. While we take care of the infrastructure to ensure fast computation times, the analysis time of your dataset mostly depends on the number of images and the image sizes, e.g. normal vs. giga-pixel whole slide images (WSI).

But to give you a rough estimate: the analysis of a giga-pixel skeletal muscle cross-section with about over 2500 analyzed objects (muscle fibers, nuclei, etc.) takes only about two and a half minutes.

Yes of course. We have build the MIRA AI Platform with simplicity in mind to make quantitative AI-based image analysis as intutitive and easy as possible. If you have no or minor experience with AI or image analysis algorithms in general, then our platform is perfect for you. 


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